Daikin Ductless Mini Splits in Frederick & Hagerstown, MD

Ductless mini splitsOur superior customer service is just one of the details that our customers in Hagerstown appreciate. The team at My HVAC Now is committed to providing area residents with excellent handiwork, as well. We offer our customers quality products from trusted brands – and one of those brands is Daikin. Dakin offers some of the best in heating and air conditioning systems; in fact, the company has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. Daikin’s reputation speaks for itself, and its mini split systems are in high demand in Frederick, Hagerstown, Gettysburg, and the general area in MD. My HVAC Now is happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of Daikin mini split services, including repair, replacement, and installation. We also service the tri-state area of Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Why Daikin Is a Better Option for Your Hagerstown Home

Daikin offers a variety of benefits that surpass many of the company’s competitors. A lot of ductless split systems rely on a condenser unit that is both big and loud. This unit works to circulate the refrigerant. Alternatively, Daikin utilizes outdoor units that are small and made to be mounted on a wall; they’re beautifully quiet and sleek in design, so they won’t be obtrusive for your household. Additionally, they are highly energy efficient – the Daikin Quaternity ductless split system is the most energy efficient one made for single room use in the U.S. Additional features that Daikin’s customers love include humidity regulators and options for air purification, making their products the top of the line for homeowners.

How Does a Daikin Mini Split System Operate?

This type of mini split system isn’t as widely understood as other systems for the home; this is due to the fact the technology is newer than many others. As the name suggests, the systems do not depend on ducts to distribute heat. They rely on refrigerant instead to keep the heat moving throughout your home (or in a single room). When they are heating your home, the heat is moved from the outdoors to the indoors. When the systems are cooling your home, they move heat from indoors to the outside. Single room units disperse the air in each room, resulting in maximum efficiency for your home. The individual units connect to a single outdoor condenser. You are able to regulate the cooling and heating better with this type of system; you can adjust the temperature in a room if you aren’t using it, while you remain comfortable in the rooms you are using.

Professional Daikin Ductless Mini Split Repair Services in Hagerstown, MD

When you need to have your Daikin mini split repaired, contact My HVAC Now for assistance. We know Daikin’s products well, and we are fully equipped to repair them. Our HVAC experts are trained to identify and correct any problems that your Daikin ductless mini split system might manifest. We’ll also come out for regular maintenance visits at your home in Charles Town, WV, or Hagerstown, MD – decreasing the amount of repairs your system will require. We can help you to keep your Daikin ductless mini split system operating as efficiently as it was designed to do.

Daikin Installation for the Residents of Hagerstown, MD, and the Outlying Area

The ductless mini split technology is relatively sophisticated, and it should only be installed by trained professionals. A technician will need to work with certain substances and materials that should only be handled by a pro. Contact My HVAC Now for details on our competitively priced Daikin mini split installation service. We offer our services to the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.

We are happy to provide you with more information on how this type of system might work in your home. Daikin ductless mini split systems are highly efficient, and they could be perfect for your household in Hagerstown or Frederick, MD – as well as the tri-state area. My HVAC Now can help you with any and all of your ductless mini split needs – and we’re proud to offer repair and installation services for Daikin mini splits.